Employee Spotlight: Matt Stump

All About Matt:

I went to Anderson University and majored in Finance.  I have worked in public accounting for a few years and then moved on to the real estate world by working at Kite Realty Group and then RealAmerica Development.  

I am a family man and currently spend a lot of time at the softball diamond with my two daughters Emmerie (12) and Quincie (9).  My wife, Tierny keeps us all moving in the right direction and has somehow tolerated me for almost 20 years.  We also have 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and the other is an unidentified breed that is always hungry and sleeps on the couch a lot, so whatever breed that is.  Plus, a cat that is afraid of the dogs so she always stays in the basement. 

Favorite part of being apart of the BAM Fam: I love the energetic atmosphere here at BAM. It is one of the main things that drew me to the company.  I also love that we can all be informed and working towards a common goal to help the company operate and grow as efficiently as possible. 

Favorite part of BAM HQ:  As a coffee purist, I love the proximity of the office to Quills Coffee Shop.  I have gone there for a morning cup of coffee almost everyday.  I also love being downtown, being able to bike to work and meet up with friends for lunch is great perk. 

Three Traits that best describe you: Calm, Persevering, Loyal

Personal Philosophy: Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

Favorite Quote: Do, or do not. There is no 'try' - In your best Yoda voice.