Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z sparks Opportunities

Millennials are proficient in technology, highly educated, they challenge boundaries, they have the ability to multi-task and refuse to be complacent. This nontraditional generation is followed close by Gen Z whose core values are not that much different than those in Generation Y. Whether a company is hiring or marketing to these powerful generations traditional tactics are no longer effective. These generations have not only grown with the tech industry but have inspired the tech industry. This relationship creates new opportunities for companies to expand their definitions of marketing and become more creative.

Jamie Matusek’s article “Researching Millennials Through Integrated Marketing” does an excellent job of identifying the most effective way to reach millennials is through integrated, content driven marketing tactics that leverages traditional methods with consistent messaging across a variety of platforms.

To achieve this synchronization Matusek’s offers five tips:

  1. Outline what success looks like to your organization

  2. Develop a strong offer- with a deadline

  3. Create marketing pieces that share the same look, feel and messaging

  4. Include a clear call to action

  5. Track results

These steps are fantastic and I encourage everyone to read the article for additional details. However, I would add one more step, education. Technology is not static it changes constantly. Education on the latest trends is crucial to successful campaigns. It is this knowledge that will empower your employees and give them confidence that these new tactics will yield positive results.