Employee Spotlight: Tony Clark

Years at BAM: 2.5
Years in the Industry: 30

Favorite part about being a part of the BAM FAM: They have always made me feel comfortable working for them. I feel they really care and respect opinions. I think if they see someone giving their all that they see this and acknowledge the effort, most companies do not but BAM does in my opinion.

What is your favorite part of your property: I have several favorite parts of the property including tenants, atmosphere and especially our team here at Woods Edge.

What three traits describe you? I am outgoing, honest and dependable.

What is your personal philosophy? I believe you have to have a great family life and to do this you have to work hard at what you do. Always have a job you love to do and best of all you have to enjoy the job you do.

What has been your proudest moment at BAM? Proudest moment was getting an award for outstanding work. Also proudest of being able to turn an ordinary unit into an outstanding unit. A lot of hard work but after it's completed I can stand back and feel proud that I was apart of the transformation.

What is your favorite quote?  "Never look back because you have already been there". I've always liked this quote because it reminds people to never dwell on the past but to change the future.

A little more about Tony:  I started out as a groundsman in 1987. Was moved up to maintenance after a few months. I have supervised several properties thru out my carreer and have worked construction for 7 years. Before coming to BAM I worked downtown Indy for 7 years and was a Maintenance coordinator for the first 3 years and then was moved up to managing 23 owner properties for the last 4 years with that company. I then moved my family back to this area and went back to the maintenance field which I really enjoy more than the managing field.