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BAM’s services encompass all the needs of todays multifamily owner. From onsite personnel, to every day management of the operation, to complex construction and renovation projects. Further BAM surpasses the highest level of asset management with industry leading owner reporting.

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Due Diligence 


The key to success often relies on what’s done before closing. BAM service’s include thorough analysis of all aspects of the property’s current performance:  financial reports, lease file audit, personnel,  and the physical condition of the asset itself.



BAM’s teams ensure the highest level of execution onoperations and asset management to ensure owners’ goals are exceeded as quickly as possible.  Whether it’s upgrading the resident profile, full turnaround or keeping the momentum going full steam; the BAM team will execute successfully.



Maintenance and construction can easily be the Achilles heel to any project. Whether it’s oversight of maintenance personnel, bidding out capex or full renovation, BAM’s construction, project and maintenance team is well versed and well qualified.

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To ensure the owner’s acquisition is inline with expectations BAM will perform exhaustive due diligence. While every deal is different the mission critical need to “check every box” never changes.  BAM’s due diligence services include:

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Even the best in class asset can turn into a nightmare if the management team fails to execute the plan.

— Ivan Barratt, CPM Founder and CEO of BAM
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BAM’s Construction Department is driven by 25 years of industry experience. It is with this experience and expertise that BAM is able to execute redevelopment plans and renovations projects in house to help save on costs, delays and execution risk. If in line with Owner goals; BAM tracks the competition to ensure the finished product is a step above the competition.



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