With the mercury rising and spring just around the corner, there are a few steps for those in the multifamily industry to get their properties in shape for the warmer weather ahead! BAM put together some tips for property managers to implement once the long winter is finally in the rear-view mirror. By being proactive this spring season, you’ll ensure that your property is in top shape and that your residents will enjoy calling it home all year ’round.

Assess and Repair Weather Damage: If your property’s parking lot looks more like the surface of the moon, then you’re at least in good company with much of the local infrastructure! Yet you won’t want residents losing tires in your drive or lot. Be sure to take care of problem potholes left over from winter’s wrath as soon as time allows. You might also notice weather-related damage to cement sidewalks, which can pose a safety hazard. Make repairs as soon as possible to ensure your residents are safe. As we head into spring and a higher risk of storms, watch out for storm damage to your roof and structures.

Schedule Cleaning: Tracking salt, snow, and slush into the halls and on the carpets and floors all winter can leave flooring dirty and dingy. Wait until the main rainy part of the season is behind us, then schedule some carpet and floor cleaning to keep your property looking good.

Know Your Local Landscaping: Your flowers may have gotten the memo to wake up already, but unfortunately the risk for frost won’t pass until early May. For planting in Indiana, the typical suggestion is to wait to plant anything outdoors until after Mother’s Day. Once you start to see the bulbs you planted in fall emerging, be sure to protect them from frost. You can also take advantage of unseasonably warm days and clear flower beds and around signage from dried leaves and winter dirt or debris. Once the warm weather is here to stay, replace any landscape rocks or mulch to add curb appeal.

Prep Your Pool: Use springtime to assess your community’s pool and decking for any damage. Visible cracks should be repaired. If you’re concerned about leaks or noticed water loss at the end of the summer season, contact an aquatics professional so your pool will be ready to go once springtime moves into summer. Spring is a great time for any pool area or clubhouse repairs or renovations and your residents will appreciate having their amenities kept in top shape.

Let Residents Know About Upcoming Events: Who doesn’t have cabin fever this time of year? It’s a great idea to include area events, community plans, and nearby attractions in your property newsletter and social media. Give your residents something to look forward to by planning a late spring social function, or create and share a calendar of fun and thrifty things to do in the city. New residents especially will appreciate learning more about their new neighborhood.

Spring is finally here, so help your residents enjoy it! By following some basic care and maintenance guidelines, your property managers can keep both your property in good shape and your residents comfortable this season.