Although BAM founder and CEO, Ivan Barratt, has both his foundation in real estate (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University) and years of experience and success under his belt, one element of how to do well in multifamily investing remains the same: continuing education. We look at how you don’t necessarily need to hit the classroom to stay in touch with the industry’s latest in today’s BAM Blog…

If there’s one thing you’ll hear Ivan say in almost all his appearances, it’s to keep working toward your goals and to form good habits that help you learn. Whether you’re just starting in the industry or if you’ve been around awhile, Ivan has found continuing to keep up with content a valuable step in his success.

  • Make use of your free time. You may only have a fifteen-minute commute to the office, but that leaves fifteen minutes you can listen to a podcast or a great industry classic on audio.
  • Don’t ignore content that isn’t real estate specific. Ivan shares that there are plenty of books he’s found very valuable that aren’t just focused solely on their application to the industry. Try reading books on the larger economy, sales training, and more. If you want some suggestions, Ivan’s own recommendations are HERE. (He recommends books for both beginners and more advanced players.)
  • Make learning part of your habits for success. Ivan recommends spending time each day developing habits that will benefit your career, such as networking and spending time learning the industry. Even if you set aside a twenty-minute block each morning to review books or other content, you’ll find you’ve built up a store of valuable knowledge.
  • Check out the classics. Ivan often talks about receiving a copy of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad as a gift and how the book is just one of the classics he enjoys. Even if a book is a few years old, or decades old, it likely has valuable information you can use.
  • Try a real estate seminar. Ivan has said that although you’ll likely have to pay a fee, if you get just one bit of great information it’s well worth the price of admission. Find one near you and see what you can learn.
  • Branch out! If you’re a reader, give podcasts a shot. If you normally listen to podcasts, pick up a good book. You may be surprised what you’ve been missing. Also follow people who’ve been down the road you’re on – they’ve been there and done, that and can be a terrific resource. Try networking, following podcasts, going to seminars, and looking for an industry mentor.

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