At BAM, we believe in doing our homework. We employ a comprehensive due-diligence plan to identify and thoroughly vet value-creation opportunities. BAM also promotes appealing, strategic returns by using conservative risk assessments and creative debt structures. We get rid of the middle-men; BAM sources capital ourselves on a direct basis. You’ll appreciate BAM’s transparency, accessibility, and due diligence, as well as delivery of regular investor reports.



Establish capital budgets and operating proforma budgets for the first operating year and beyond.


Market surveys, competition shopping, and use of top tier industry databases combine for clear market insight.

Rent Roll Analysis

Occupancy, lease expiration exposure, trends, etc are all assessed.

Risk Review

Insurance and risk review assessments are conducted, reviewed, and shared with advisers of owner’s choosing.


Analysis of demographic and employment trends. Trade area performance.

Physical Inspections

An exterior physical inspection and an assessment of mechanical systems are conducted.

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate taxes and assessment analysis.


Evaluation of all site personnel and resources.

Lease Audit

Lease files and resident documents are tested for completion and accuracy.

Property Needs

BAM identifies immediate needs of the property and establishes a completion time line.

Vendor Contracts

All vendor contracts are

Financial Review

All current and historical statements are reviewed and evaluated.


All meters and utilities are evaluated.

Fee Analysis

All fees and sources of income are analyzed.

Unit Walks

Every unit is inspected thoroughly to ensure all improvements are documented.


Marketing Strategy

Maintaining property specific marketing strategies including rental rates and advertising allocation.

Staff Management

Staff members are trained, empowered, and given the tools and resources needed to succeeded.

Transition Set Up

Migration of resident and lease information, vendor contracts, banking and more.

Vendor Management

Negotiating contracts for services and supplies at the best value.

Maintenance Programs

Building, grounds, equipment, and preventive maintenance programs are established and implemented.


Careful monitoring of payables and cash-flow management.

Resident Selection

Criteria are developed in compliance within federal guidelines and specific market parameters.

Brand Management

Maintaining excellent owner and resident relations.

Rent Collection

Rent collection and bad debt

Financial Reporting

All aspects of financial reporting, bank reconciliations, tax & insurance payments, and loan management can be performed in-house.


“Even the best-in-class asset can turn into a nightmare if the management team fails to execute the plan.”
– Ivan Baratt, CPM Founder and CEO of BAM

BAM anticipates and executes the needs of today’s modern multifamily asset owner. We provide: on-site personnel, day-to-day operation oversight and management, and even complex construction and/or renovation projects. Another BAM standard in asset management is our industry-leading owner reporting. BAM’s company-wide culture also helps create a resident-centric experience at each property.


Maintenance and construction can be tricky in any project. At BAM, we get rid of the guess-work. BAM’s construction, project, and maintenance team is skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. At BAM, we rely on a deep bench of talent among the skilled trades. Our team is ready to handle management and oversight of maintenance personnel, bidding out capex, or even full renovation.


Project Management
Bath Remodel
Capital Improvements
Full Exterior Renovations
ROI Scenario Analysis
Construction Management
Flooring Upgrades
Renovation Planning and Execution
Kitchen Remodel
Vendor and Subcontractor Selection
Capex Projects
and Oversight
Value Add Recommendations
Project Budget Preparation
Focused on ROI
Competition and Trend Analysis