Fannie Mae’s June report on the economy and housing showed a decline in economic growth, as well as residential home construction – but an incline in multifamily construction in the same time period. We look at some of the report’s key points in today’s BAM Blog…

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The Economy


  • Disappointing job growth, with on net zero additional job growth over the previous two months.


  • Wages are continuing to grow at a strong pace year-over-year.


  • Household survey showed unemployment remained at historic lows.


  • Construction employment did increase by 5200 this month, which Fannie said should hopefully should help with some of the supply issues faced by home-builders.


  • The report remains consistent with Fannie’s forecast of a slowing economy, and they assert conditions will likely not shift the Fed from its patient wait-and-see stance.


Home Construction: Both single and multifamily


  • Latest data showed positive numbers for households’ net worth in the first quarter.


  • Data also showed slow spending on residential home construction.


  • Single family mortgage debt outstanding hit the highest level since the end of 2009 – although the quarterly increase was the smallest in three years.


  • April was the fourth straight month of decline in private residential construction spending.


  • The gain seen in multifamily construction spending was outweighed by the flat single-family construction spending and falling improvement spending.


  • The data shows private private residential construction spending fell 0.6% in April. Single-family construction was unchanged; however, multifamily spending rose 2.3%.


  • Looking at a year-ago basis: total private residential construction spending fell 9.4%, while multifamily spending rose 8.4%. Single-family spending fell 7.9% and improvement spending fell 16.3%.